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Digital Education Products!

  • Work From Home Productivity
  • Lifestyle Design
  • The Power of Focus
  • Entrepreneurial Drive
  • Personal Transformation
  • YouTube for Business
  • Zoom for Business Webinars

MIP Sales Funnel!

When you become a digital reseller of My Instant Pays, you''ll be able to plug into our MIP Sales Funnel" that goes to work for you 24/7.

As soon as your prospect goes through the sales funnel they will receive daily emails doing the selling and telling for you, even while you sleep!

How It Works!


Send $150usd payment to your sponsor . Then notify your sponsor you sent payment by filling out the notify form.


Register account by filling out your name, email, username, and password then click the register account button.


Send $39usd for resale rights, and sales funnel setup. Then wait for payment confirmation for full account activation.

My Instant Pays Membership Benefits!

  • Unlimited $150 Cash App & Zelle Payments
  • M2M Direct Payments
  • Plug-And-Play Sales Funnel  
  • Digital Education Product Library
  • Automated Money Making Opportunity

Just a One-Time
$150 Payment!

Plus One-Time $39 Reseller Fee!
Includes: MIP Sales Funnel 

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